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Why therapy?

Is counselling and psychotherapy for me....
How is it different from talking to friends....
Will it be difficult....

There are many routes to counselling and psychotherapy. Our minds are going round in circles, our feelings have become overwhelming or deadened, our friends suggest it, a relationship is in difficulty. We are curious and open to new input - or we are closed and gripped by addictive behaviour and in need of urgent help.

All these routes hold in common that maybe two minds are better than one, that a new perspective may help, that there may be value for us in a "listening hour".

We can ask of a professional that they be attentive, non-jugdemental, completely there for us, experienced, trained, uninvolved and therefore unprejudiced. And, we don't need to mask our feelings, our clumsiness, our difficulties. We do not need to feel guilty. We will not be manipulated.

If you are not sure if this is for you, it is possible to book a single session, without obligation, to meet face to face, to talk about what might be possible, to ask questions and to check out location, room, therapist. You do not have to jump in at deep end. Just come and paddle!

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